Innovative Digital Signage 

First model of its kind in the UK, new transparent display installed at property consultants’ HQ in Cambridge.

A First…

Impression AV installed an innovative state-of-the art digital signage system in Bidwells’ new residential property headquarters, in Cambridge.

The cutting edge Nexnovo LED displays are the first of the NS-Series models to be installed in the UK, and deliver high resolution content on transparent screens.


Bidwells is an Estate Management and Property Consultancy who recently moved the residential sector of their business into new headquarters in Cambridge.

The new building boasts an environmentally sustainable timber roof, a first in Cambridge, and the internal space is open plan with modern furniture.

The client wanted a digital signage solution to complement their new offices in a way that was modern and innovative, and Impression AV was given a brief to find a solution that worked with the look and feel of the building as a whole.


We identified a digital signage system that would create a transparent video wall in the main office window, and the Nexnovo NS-Series LED displays were presented to the client as our recommended solution. Since these screens were not available to view in the UK we invited key client stakeholders to see them at the ISE Expo in Amsterdam. Following that demonstration, they were able to grasp for themselves our aspirations for this project.

We worked closely with the client’s architect and electrical contractor to ensure plug and data sockets would be sufficient for the video wall and the other screens we were installing around the office.


Impression AV is the first company in the UK to install the NS-Series LED displays. Working with our own contractors we partnered with Avanit Systems who took the lead engineering role to get these screens delivered to site and installed.

The video wall is comprised of four LED panels, each a metre wide, to create a four metre wide transparent video screen to display marketing messages. The four panels are networked together so they act as one giant screen, all the cabling and mounts are hidden giving a clean and modern look.

The graphics shown on the screens are supplied via an X20 content management system that we supplied to Bidwells to give them full control over the content being displayed. The screens also have an ambient sensor attached so that brightness is automatically adjusted according to the level of daylight.


This installation is a great addition to Bidwells flagship headquarters. This revolutionary four metre transparent video wall delivers high resolution graphics that look like they float while the vision from inside to out is largely unobscured.

In addition to the digital signage we were also tasked with supplying curved PC monitors for the main office area, screens for the conference room and reception area, along with a Microsoft hub to power all the technology and an audio system.


“The installation of the LED screens, as well as the other screens around the office, has been very sync’d in what we wanted to do from a brand perspective. But more importantly [the screens] now offer us a way to advertise in a more environmentally efficient manner to our wider audience, which is great.”

Andrew Tucker, Partner, Residential